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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PIX-Star frame and how does it work?

This frame is part of the Pix-Star's desire to make photo sharing easier and to bring generations together through easy technology. Now, no matter where your photos or the photos of your friends and family reside, you can be certain you will be able to access them. Sharing pictures is now easier than ever.

What is Pix-star Wi-Fi Cloud digital photo frame?

The Pix-Star Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame offers easy importing of all of your online photos. Simply connect to Wi-Fi, and you'll have access to more than 20 different online providers, including Facebook. You'll get 4GB of storage, which you can increase by inserting a USB storage device or memory card.

How do I Register my pix-Star digital frame?

Once you’ve connected to Wi-Fi, your frame is online and ready to be registered. The second step is to register your Pix-Star digital frame. To do this, head over to where you can find your frame’s dedicated email address. This email address is hosted by Pix-Star and looks like [email protected]

Is the PIX-Star frame suitable for elderly users?

Smooth user interface and easy-to-use features make the Pix-Star frame an excellent choice for elderly users and large families. Features like remote control capability launch Pix-Star’s frame to new heights and give you plenty to control No additional costs – Pix-Star doesn’t charge...

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