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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pix-Star frame?

Pix-Star frames are easy to use, powerful and beautiful at the same time. Perfect for grandma or grandpa, perfect for people who want simplicity, with remote management and control over the frame content and configuration. Pix-Star is THE digital photo frame for the whole family!

What can you do with Pix-star?

… and many more features! Send your frame worthy photos, videos and audio messages by photo mail, via the app, or from our web dashboard. With your Pix-Star frame, sending photos, videos and audio messages takes two clicks! Your chosen recipient receives it, effortlessly.

What is the PIX-star Snap app?

With the Pix-Star Snap app it's now quick and easy to send pictures, short video clips (max. 2 minutes) and audio messages to your friends' Pix-Star frame inbox. Using this app you can quickly browse through the multitude of pictures and videos stored on your Android device and, with a simple click, send them to your Pix-Star frame.

Is Pix-star worth the money?

This product has lots of features (be sure to read the product description and go to the Pix-Star site to read more...) and is well worth the money if you have someone who is not tech-savvy, but still wants to enjoy staying connected to family and friends. It would also be a good choice for

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