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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pathology of plant?

Plant pathology. Plant pathology (also phytopathology) is the scientific study of diseases in plants caused by pathogens (infectious organisms) and environmental conditions (physiological factors).

What is Molecular Plant Pathology?

Molecular Plant Pathology is a bimonthly open access peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the British Society for Plant Pathology.

What is vector in Plant Pathology?

Most vectors of plant diseases are sucking insects found in the order Hemiptera. (Purcell) The most common culprits would be aphids. They, themselves, are incriminated in the transmission of hundreds of plant viruses.

What is crop disease?

Crop diseases. Plant diseases are a significant yield and quality constraint for growers of broadacre crops in Western Australia. Plant pathogens can be fungal, bacterial, viral or nematodes and can damage plant parts above or below the ground.

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