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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of plastic?

The definition of plastic is able to be shaped, or made of man made polymers. An example of something plastic is Play-Doh modeling compound. An example of something plastic is a bottle made of man made polymers.

What is the function of plastic?

Plastics play a part in every phase of food production and preparation. Food gets processed on plastic equipment, and packaged and shipped in plastic-lined boxes and cans. At home, we store and reheat the leftovers in plastic containers.

What is made out of plastic?

A polyester fiber called Eco-Fi, or EcoSpun, was developed out of plastic bottles, and is used to make various fabrics. Clothes are now available that have been made from plastic. It can also be used for home furnishings, blanket throws, and carpet.

What is the definition of plastic?

Definition of plastic. (Entry 1 of 3) 1 : a plastic substance specifically : any of numerous organic synthetic or processed materials that are mostly thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers of high molecular weight and that can be made into objects, films, or filaments. 2. : credit cards used for payment.

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