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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about PlugShare?

PlugShare is the world’s largest EV driver community. Users contribute station reviews and photos to help drivers make the most informed charging decisions possible. Filter the EV map by plug type including: Level 1, Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers like Tesla Superchargers, CHAdeMO and SAE/CCS.

Where is PlugShare located in the United States?

We’re headquartered in El Segundo, CA . The leading app for EV drivers, PlugShare is a community based tool that guides users to public charging locations throughout the world.

How to pay with PlugShare at charging stations?

- Pay for charging right in the app with Pay with PlugShare (at participating locations). - Turn on notifications that alert you when a new charging station is installed nearby. - Find all the stations along a road trip route with a built-in ev trip planner. - Monitor Pay with PlugShare charging session from within the app.

How does the PlugShare app help EV drivers?

PlugShare is also home to the largest community of EV drivers in the world. Every day, drivers add more station locations, constantly making the app more comprehensive, powerful and accurate. From within the app, users check-in when they charge, sharing tips, comments, and photos of their charging experiences.

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