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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PMP aware?

Real-time data for better informed decisions. PMP AWARxE is a prescription monitoring solution that provides state government agencies with accurate, real-time data, compliant with their regulations. With AWARxE, end users, prescribers and dispensers make better informed decisions and intervene earlier.

What is the PMP website?

The PMP is a system that collects information on all controlled substance (schedules II-V) prescriptions. Using the PMP website, Delaware-licensed pharmacies and prescribers who dispense controlled substances report prescription data to the PMP daily.

What is the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)?

Program Overview. The Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) is a secure online database that is used across the State of Maine to improve public health. All prescribers and dispensers are able to review their patient’s controlled substance drug history prior to prescribing or dispensing any schedule II – IV drugs.

What is a PMP database?

Virginia s Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) is a 24/7 database containing information on dispensed controlled substances included in Schedule II, III and IV; those in Schedule V for which a prescription is required; naloxone, and all other drugs of concern.

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