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Frequently Asked Questions

What is png good for?

What Is PNG Good For. For image editing, either professional or otherwise, PNG provides a useful format for storing the intermediate stages of an image.

Is png higher quality than JPEG?

Although a PNG has higher image quality than a JPEG, you'll wind up with much larger images if you use a PNG instead of a JPEG to display images that have large noncontiguous blocks of colors, such as photographs. You can't add transparency effects to JPEGs and you cannot animate them.

Why to use the PNG format?

Reasons to use this International Standard may be: Portability: Transmission is independent of the software and hardware platform. Completeness: it's possible to represent truecolor, indexed-color, and greyscale images. Coding and decoding in series: allows to generate and read data streams in series, that is, the format of the data stream is used for the generation and visualization of ... More items...

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