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Frequently Asked Questions

How does background remover and PNG image creator work?

Background Remover & Png Image Creator is an app to erase the background of a picture, so you can cut people out with perfect accuracy and then paste them anywhere else.

How can I turn an image into a png?

Upload the image that you'd like to turn into a PNG. You can also start from scratch and add things like overlays or text. Download your new PNG image and share directly on social media. You can also save it to your device. What's different about Kapwing?

How do I get rid of background color in PNG?

When you choose the background color you want to get rid of in the options, then the algorithm finds and removes all pixels of this color. You can quickly select the background color to be removed by clicking on a color in the PNG in the preview window. Alternatively, you specify the color in the options using its name, hex code, or RGB code.

How to make a transparent PNG with kapwing?

Erase pixels and make a transparent background PNG with Kapwing 1 Upload your image Upload the photo or image that you want to remove the background from. ... 2 Remove the Background Using your mouse or finger, drag the eraser over the parts of the image that you want to remove. ... 3 Download and share! Hit ‘Done’ to create the image PNG.

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