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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a podcast about the Murdaugh murders?

Now after the double homicide of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, Matney's new podcast provides exclusive insight into the intrigue surrounding the murder investigation, life in Hampton County, and several suspicious deaths that are all interconnected.

Who are the people on the podcast Mobituaries?

With Mobituaries he introduces listeners to the people who have long intrigued him—from the 20th century’s greatest entertainer … to the Civil Rights pioneer who is completely forgotten … to sitcom characters gone all too soon. Even if you know the names, you’ve never understood why they matter…until now.

Who was the country singer that just died?

Celebrity Deaths in Music Karlie Rae Harris, 30 (2019) Kylie Rae Harris was a country music singer who released a self-titled EP earlier this year. For full obituary and coverage from, click here.

Is the podcast Disgraceland based on a true story?

Disgraceland is a new true crime podcast about musicians getting away with murder and behaving very badly. Jerry Lee Lewis’ 5th wife? Dead. Sam Cooke 3AM in a seedy motel?

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