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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find a podcast?

There are a few ways to find podcasts in the Podcasts app. Launch the Podcasts app from your Home screen. Tap Search in the menu at the bottom of your screen. Type in the name or genre of the podcast you're looking for. Tap Search on the bottom right of your keyboard. Tap the podcast once you find the one you want.

When to listen to podcast?

You can listen to podcast at any time, anywhere: as an alarm when waking up. while ready in the morning. while making and eating breakfast (if alone) while commuting or traveling. while doing chores or running errands. while waiting or shopping. at lunch (if eating alone)

What are podcasts used for?

Podcasts can also be used as a means of self-reflection on the learning processes or products. Podcasts can help keep students on the same page, including those that are absent. Absent students can use podcasts to see class lectures, daily activities, homework assignments, handouts, and more.

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