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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I write the description of my podcast?

You write this inside your media hosting account, and it appears in all the directories your podcast is listed in. For example, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc Podcast descriptions are very important when listeners are weighing up whether or not to hit play

Should you put episode numbers in your podcast titles?

Avoid putting episode numbers, your podcast series name, or the word “Episode” in there. Unless it's at the end. Monitor your stats over time to see how various titles are performing. And if you're a non-industry podcast, you can be much more creative with your titles. If your show is good, people will discover it in other ways.

What is an episode summary for a podcast?

The Episode Summary The episode summary is a brief description of your episode that shows up in Apple Podcasts and other apps. This is your chance to convince someone to listen to your episode, so keep it short and interesting. The first few sentences are especially important.

What are the most important elements of a podcast?

The podcast description came out on top by a good margin. Listeners rate podcast descriptions as the show’s most important element (aside from the title and artwork). Furthermore, your podcast description is included in your RSS feed. Anyone who displays your podcast (like the big podcast directories) will publish your description as well.

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