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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find free podcasts?

The iTunes Podcast page in the iTunes Store lets you browse, find, preview, and subscribe to podcasts, most of which are free. To find podcasts in the iTunes Store, do one of the following: Click the Podcasts tab at the top of the iTunes Store page. The iTunes Store displays the Podcast page, with advertisements for popular podcasts.

Can I upload a podcast?

How to upload a podcast to Apple Podcasts (iTunes) Create a new Apple ID. To use Apple's Podcast Connect, you'll need an Apple ID. ... Get a podcast hosting account. Podcast hosting is similar to website hosting. ... Publish at least one episode. ... Check your show settings. ... Log in to Apple Podcast Connect. ... Copy & paste your RSS feed URL into Podcast Connect. ... Review your Apple Podcast submission. ... More items...

How do you start podcast on iTunes?

Using iTunes Make sure all of your files are visible in iTunes. Navigate to your Playlists page in iTunes. Click the "+" in the lower left corner of iTunes to create a new playlist. Click "Podcasts" and select the Podcasts you want to burn. Click and drag the podcasts into your playlist, then hit done when finished.

How can I listen to podcasts online?

On a website. The simplest way to listen to podcasts is on a web browser like Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge. You can do this from a computer or from the web browser on your phone. Find a website that has podcasts you like, for example the Guardian.

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