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How to start a creative podcast?

How to Start Your Own Podcast: A Creator's Guide How Podcasting Works Whether you're familiar with the podcasting basics or you're exploring new territory, a firm grasp on how podcasting works is important. ... Visualization Before getting down to the nitty-gritty of creating your own podcast you need a blueprint. ... Podcast Equipment and Software What is the best equipment for starting a podcast? ... More items...

What are some good podcast topic ideas?

And, here are some ideas for podcast topics to get you started: My List of Favorites What are some things you like that your target listeners might also be interested in? Take for example having a podcast in the sports industry. ... Ask Mr. Podcaster One example is episode 251 of the Freelancer's Show. ... A Book I Just Read Yes. ... Did You Know Ever wondered how something happened or how something started? ... More items...

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