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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a script for your podcast intro?

The perfect script for your podcast intro depends entirely on you – feel free to be creative and to express yourself. Do you need inspiration for your podcast outro? Check out our script writing guide for the best podcast outro .

Which is an example of an intro for a podcast?

Podcast Intro Examples. When you script an intro it doesn’t have to go into all the detail. You’re simply giving yourself a framework to speak within. Example #1. My name is Max and I’m your host for the Show. Where we’re talking with top performers and health experts about their strategies to optimize their well being and performance.

Who is the voice of the podcast intro?

Hi, I’m Stephanie Murphy. I’m a professional Voice Actor, and I’ve produced thousands of podcasts and hundreds of podcast intro/outros. More importantly, I started out as a podcast fan.

How to create a podcast script in Google Docs?

Go back to audacity and click on “Project” on the top menu bar. Scroll down and click on “Import Audio” Find your music clip on the desktop and then click on open. Jesse: Great, now that you have your music and voice in the same place. Start cutting and pasting your music and voice recording together.

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