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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a license to use music on a podcast?

You’ll still need all the correct permissions when using music so it’s probably advised for non-profit podcasts to look for copyright free music. Don't fall for the myths! Purchasing a music license is a surefire way to not get into trouble for using copyrighted music.

Is it legal to make a copy of a podcast?

Authorizing members of the public to make a copy of the podcast and use it according to the terms you apply to the podcast. This Guide sets out some of the issues that need to be considered to identify whether you own the necessary copyright and/or have the appropriate permission so that you do not infringe someone else's copyright.

Where can I get free music for my podcast?

Free Music Archives: Gives you access to new music for free that can be used as beds or theme music for your podcast. Some songs on here have Creative Commons licenses so just double check! Epidemic Sound: Probably the most popular paid choice for podcasters.

Do you have to pay to use Podsafe Music?

Unlike copyrighted commercial records, royalty free podsafe music is available to everyone. You don't need to pay to use our music in your podcast, just download and bring your shows to life. Copyright is a law that protects the creator's original work by setting conditions under which their work can be used.

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