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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can you make with a podcast?

How many downloads (listens) does your podcast need to attract advertisers? You've probably heard ads for Squarespace, MailChimp, and They'll pay between $18-$35 per CPM (per 1000 downloads) to sponsor podcasts. So, if your podcast episodes get 50,000 downloads in the first 30 days, a Squarespace ad might net you approximately $2,000.

How to use the money calculator on YouTube?

How to Use the YouTube Money Calculator Drag the YouTube View Count slider up or down based on your daily video views Set your Estimated CTR based on your channel's historic performance View your estimated daily, weekly and yearly earnings potential

How much does a 30 second podcast ad cost?

Reporting Data for 1,920 Podcasts Listeners Per Episode 30-Second Ad CPM 60-Second Ad CPM 500-999 $22 $0.23 $23 $0.32 1000-2499 $23 $1.41 $37 $6.31 2500-4999 $25 $2.02 $34 $3.12 5000-24,999 $22 $1.34 $29 $0.09 2 more rows ...

How much money does Pat Flynn's podcast Make?

Chapo Trap House has 32,874 patrons, which equals $147,262 per month. Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income has two podcasts. His most popular podcast doesn’t sell ads, but together they make more than $100,000 per month in affiliate revenue.

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