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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Podcast Equipment for home use?

The PreSonus StudioLive AR8 with Audio Bundle is a high-end podcast equipment package that includes a whole lot more—both in terms of components and features.

Which is the best podcast starter kit to buy?

Best Podcast Starter Kit Packages. 1 1. Best Beginner Podcast Equipment Package: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio. If you’re new to podcasting and consider audio quality to be extremely ... 2 2. Best Intermediate Package: Samson Podcasting Pack, ($139.99) Buy Now. 3 3. Best Advanced Podcast Starter Kit: PreSonus StudioLive AR8 with Audio Bundle.

What kind of mixer do I need for a podcast?

The star of this bundle is the StudioLive AR8 USB 8-Channel Hybrid Performance and Recording Mixer, which can do way more than just mix and record your podcasts. As a musician’s mixer, this device will allow you to create a full-production podcast with live instruments and backing tracks.

What do I need to make a podcast?

It consists of two sets of basic podcasting equipment (two microphones, two mic stands, two pairs of headphones, and two audio cables) in addition to an 8-channel USB mixer and 4-channel headphone distribution amplifier to support multiple people, which is useful if you plan to have guest interviewees regularly.

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