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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the jobs of a podcast host?

Assist the podcast host with recording of voiced commercial campaigns. Paid vacation and sick time. More... The Audio Editor reports to the Lead Editor on specific projects as well as the Senior and Supervising Producers. Record, edit, mix, and master audio. More... Preparing research materials for podcast hosts.

What can a podcast do for your business?

Your podcast is an incredible source of content for your content marketing strategy. Podcasts give you rich, original content to pull from to create things like blog articles, social media posts, graphics, Click to Tweets, and a truckload of micro-content.

Where do I find the description of my podcast?

Your podcast description is also known as your podcast summary, or show summary You write this inside your media hosting account, and it appears in all the directories your podcast is listed in. For example, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc Podcast descriptions are very important when listeners are weighing up whether or not to hit play

What's the role of the ring leader on a podcast?

The ring leader is detail-oriented and functions as project manager of the podcast. They also keep team members focused, organized, and energized. You’ll see why this is a vital role as you read through this post. He or she is ultimately accountable for a new episode going live each day, week, month, or whatever frequency you decide.

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