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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of job can you get with a podcast?

The host participates in all aspects of production of the podcast including generating ideas for episodes, conducting interviews, writing and reporting,… More... 2+ years experience producing longform audio for podcasts. Assisting in the promotion of the Outside Podcast through social media and relationships with podcast… More...

How long do you need to be a podcaster?

Looking for a podcaster that has been podcasting for 2-4 years minimum. Growth strategies, brand direction/identity, content. Descript training - guiding me in editing a podcast episode + cre… Fixed-price ‐ Posted 1 day ago Hi there, I have started my podcast and I will start using Descript.

What kind of job is producing podcasts for WBUR?

The Podcast Producer will produce podcasts for WBUR. This will include writing, editing and skillfully crafting podcast episodes. They will be responsible for helping develop podcasts and assist in ...

Who is looking for an associate podcast producer?

The Outside Podcast team for Outside Magazine is looking for a full-time Associate Podcast Producer to join our team and help us produce and craft longform audio content that inspires our listeners ...

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