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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best website to host podcasts?

The most popular tools to build podcast websites are Squarespace and Wordpress— in part because they can also host a podcast RSS feed (necessary for submitting to directories like Apple Podcasts or Spotify Podcasts). This is a collection of 27 podcast websites that I thought were well designed— enjoy!

How to get more people to listen to your podcast?

Put your podcast in more places. Create embedded players to get your show in front of new listeners across the web. Bring your podcast idea to life. Get started with step-by-step guides that take you from first thoughts to first broadcast. Catch the latest podcast news. Get inspired by other podcasts.

Can you make a podcast on a WordPress website?

Podcast Websites gives you everything you need to get a professional podcast website launched in record time.

What does podpage do for a podcast website?

Podpage works with all the companies trying to make your podcast more successful. Podpage makes it easy to capture your listeners emails to build a better relationship. Add your tracking code or pixel to your website to measure traffic or build advertising audiences.

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