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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of country music is on a podcast?

About Podcast My show features traditional country music from the early beginnings to current artists. It has been my good fortune over a 50 year career to have worked with almost every major country artist on my TV shows as well as touring. On each show I get to share stories of the adventures that took place with these artists.

Who are the hosts of country music radio?

Hosted By Jay Roberts @jayrobertsradio Mixed by DJ Danny Cee @countrymixshow 650 AM WSM made its mark on country music history on October 5, 1925.

Who are the hosts of the Georgia about podcast?

GEORGIA About Podcast Brit Jones is a singer, songwriter, DJ, entertainer & 90's country music historian. He has a passion for the country music business. Brit has toured and opened up for some of the best from the 90's including John Berry, Bryan White, Shawn Mullins, Jamie O'Neal & Lila McCann.

Who are the most important people in country music?

CR014 Ralph Mooney: The Sound of Country Music. Ralph Mooney is one of the most important individuals in the history of country music. A legendary pedal steel guitarist, he deserves the reputation he earned on his instrument. However, he deserves a lot more than that.

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