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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any podcasts that are good for kids?

Kids like to be informed and engaged, but talking to kids about the news can be a challenge. This podcast, created by moms who are broadcast journalists, offers young listeners five minutes of kid-friendly news (followed by a quick quiz) each day, five days a week.

Which is the Best Podcast for Curious Kids?

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids But Why answers questions from kids who want experts to tackle all their questions about anything under the sun, from why turtles have shells to how hurricanes form to what’s up with different cultural beliefs in fairy tales.

What's the best age for a science podcast?

Age Range: Best for ages 8-18, but entertaining for older ages as well. This fast-paced, quirky podcast uses fictional stories to teach listeners about science. It’s hosted by an emergency medicine physician, a science journalist, and a filmmaker.

Which is the Best Podcast for middle schoolers?

This excellent biweekly podcast features middle schoolers talking about a popular middle-grade or YA book as well as sharing their favorite book recommendations. Public radio figure Kitty Felde runs the discussion, and each episode includes a passage of that week's book read by a celebrity guest. Best for: Tweens and teens

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