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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I listen to a podcast to learn Spanish?

Here are some tips: Listen to the full podcast episode (or some fragments) a LOT. Not just once, but several times. You can listen to it once without the transcript to test what you can understand. Then listen to the episode again, but this time while reading along on the transcript.

Where can I get Spanish podcast transcripts for free?

Transcripts: Transcripts, mexicanismo vocabulary worksheets, and bonus episodes available to podcast patrons on Patreon. You can also bundle these with online iTalki Spanish lessons with the show hosts. One transcript a month is available free to newsletter subscribers (subscribe at the bottom of their homepage ).

Who are the hosts of the Spanish podcast?

Lisa and Rob co-host this podcast, which has dozens of well-produced episodes. Even the very first levels are conversation-based, and all episodes include transcripts. Rob is a learner and Lisa is native speaker (from Colombia, which tends to be an easier accent for beginners in my opinion).

Is it worth paying for a Spanish podcast?

For this reason, seek out Spanish podcasts with transcripts for when you’re able to sit down and read along with the audio. It’s well worth upgrading to a paid subscription for access to transcripts if you find a free Spanish podcast you love.

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