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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the producer of the podcast 1865?

1865 is an Airship production. Support this show to get early, ad-free access to episodes and more. In the season finale, Grant’s decision to testify for Orville Babcock has disastrous consequences for the Freedmen.In this Inside the Episode bonus feature, co-executive producer Robert McCollum …

Which is the best podcast to tell a story?

15 podcasts guaranteed to tell you a fantastic story. 1 1. Serial. CARD ID: 379371. 2 2. Longform. 3 3. The Moth. 4 4. Strangers. 5 5. Uncivil. More items

Are there any podcasts that are serialized stories?

Almost all of these podcasts are serialized stories with continuous narratives. The Storybound podcast treats listeners to their favorite writers like Yaa Gyasi and Tommy Orange reading their most impactful stories, designed with powerful sound environments. The podcasting world has been a charitable selection of entertainment for me.

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