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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you know a podcast is good?

You know a podcast is good when it gets turned into a TV series.. Whether you've already watched the show or have only heard about it, you don't want to miss the original podcast that started it all. Considered "Australia's first true crime podcast," this series covers a new criminal case in almost every episode.

Which is the Best Podcast for true crime?

Hollywood & Crime comes in at number 14 in our top podcasts like Serial. Heard this podcast before? Leave it a review. 13. Breakdown Now into its sixth season, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Breakdown podcast meticulously dissects true crime cases in near-real time. To truly appreciate this podcast, go back and start listening from season 1.

Which is the best podcast to listen to serial?

Here’s 15 of the best podcasts like Serial. 1 1. S-Town. iTunes | Stitcher. 2 2. Dirty John. 3 3. Someone Knows Something. 4 4. Black Hands. 5 5. Death in Ice Valley. More items

Is there a podcast about a serial killer?

Garage covers a new case each week; it could be a horror story that's current headline news or a discussion about infamous serial killers or cold cases. The podcast is laid-back and conversational, and not quite as gripping as some others such as Actual Innocence.

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