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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the narrator of the Magnus Archives?

Initially, The Magnus Archives feels like a collection of spooky short stories, some of which land harder than others. The production quality is lo-fi and performed by a single, unflinchingly dry narrator.

Who is the Archivist of the Magnus Institute?

Why we love it: Starting in 2016, this anthology podcast follows Jonathan Sims, who purports to be an archivist for The Magnus Institute.

Are there any other podcasts like Pacific Northwest Stories?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with the creations of Pacific Northwest Stories ( The Black Tapes Podcast and Tanis, both of which I’ve written about before ). What you may not know is that earlier this year, a sister station popped up: The Public Radio Alliance.

What kind of podcast is Janus descending from?

Janus Descending is podcasting’s answer to the Alien franchise–or, at least, you know, the good movies in that franchise. Told from the perspectives of two explorers on an alien planet, Peter and Chel, the listener hears the story unfold from opposite ends of the timeline.

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