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Frequently Asked Questions

How to live stream a podcast?

Live Streaming your Podcast Creating a Professional Podcasting Studio. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. ... Adding sound effects and physical controls to our podcast. One of our high-level goals for our podcast to keep it fun and entertaining. ... Setting up a mix minus for your podcast. ... Adding remote guests into your podcast. ... Post production for your Podcast. ...

Where can I find free podcasts?

The iTunes Podcast page in the iTunes Store lets you browse, find, preview, and subscribe to podcasts, most of which are free. To find podcasts in the iTunes Store, do one of the following: Click the Podcasts tab at the top of the iTunes Store page. The iTunes Store displays the Podcast page, with advertisements for popular podcasts.

Are all podcasts free?

Most podcasts are free for you to download and listen to (though many podcasters have introduced paid premium tiers to support their work while keeping their main podcast content free). Podcasts vary in their level of professional production.

What is a podcast station?

Podcast Station was built on VoxPro--a telephone audio editor for radio stations that was originally made for the Macintosh and later brought to the PC. Imagine being able to interview guests, record your show with live callers, add multiple sound clips that fade in and out, and queue music.

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