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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alexa play podcast?

Playing podcasts on Alexa is easy if you want to listen to a recent episode, just ask Alexa to play the podcast you want. You can play most podcasts using the built-in TuneIn services, while some podcasts have their own Alexa skill you'll need to enable first.

How to listen to podcasts on your Amazon Echo?

How to Listen to Podcasts on Your Amazon Echo Connect Music Services. Your first task is to add and link the different services that offer podcasts. ... Set a Default Podcast Service. Next you'll want to set a specific service as the default podcast provider, which means you don't need to give the name of the service ... Find Podcasts. Looking for a few good podcasts? ...

Can echo play radio stations?

Yes, you can use Alexa to play radio stations on an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show. All you need to do is say, “Alexa, ask [service name] to play [radio station name]”. For example, you can say: The Echo has enough features to replace an FM/DAB or internet radio.

Does Alexa Play Music?

As of early 2019, Amazon has made a selection of free music on Alexa available to all Echo device owners. This allows you to access an ad-supported selection of playlists and radio stations for free on your Echo device. Just ask Alexa to start playing music. Jul 4 2019

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