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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get podcasts on my Kindle Fire?

Step 1 Download the podcast to your computer. Connect the Kindle to your computer via USB cable. Click the Start button, then "Computer" to open a Windows Explorer window. Double-click "Audible" if the podcast has a AA or AAC extension. Drag and drop the podcast file onto an empty area of the Windows Explorer window.

Can I listen to podcasts on Kindle Fire?

But again, if you’ve got a computer, any kind of MP3 player, a smart phone, a tablet, a Kindle Fire, or any other device that’s capable of playing MP3 audio files, you can listen to podcasts.

What are the best podcast apps?

1. Pocket Casts. Pocket Casts is arguably the best podcast app for Android, thanks to its gorgeous interface and great features. Right when you open the app, the first screen that appears is that of the featured podcasts. Here, you can navigate to other helpful tabs like trending, top-rated, categories, etc.

Can you use the Amazon Fire tablet as a phone?

The quick answer is that unfortunately, your Kindle Fire tablet CANNOT be used as a Phone. The reason is that it does NOT have any Microphone NOR phone app/UI built into the Software. Amazon built the Kindle Fire specifically for Online Shopping, their own Amazon app store apps...

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