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Frequently Asked Questions

How to browse podcasts in iTunes Store?

To find podcasts in the iTunes Store, do one of the following: Click the Podcasts tab at the top of the iTunes Store page. The iTunes Store displays the Podcast page, with advertisements for popular podcasts. ... Browse all podcasts in a particular category. Use the column browser and select Podcasts in the iTunes Store column. ... Search for a podcast by name or keyword. ...

Where does iTunes keep podcasts?

Inside your Music library, you should see an iTunes folder and inside that, there should be an iTunes Media folder — unless it has been purposely moved. Podcasts are kept in the iTunes Media folder by default.

How do I download iTunes podcasts to my PC?

Downloading Podcasts from iTunes can be done quickly following the steps below: Step 1: Open iTunes and choose Podcasts tab at the left sidebar. Step 2: Click on the Podcasts in the iTunes Store button. Step 3: From the Categories menu, choose either audio Podcasts or video Podcasts.

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