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Frequently Asked Questions

What is summary on the poem 'men' by Maya Angelou?

Maya Angelou's "Men" is an interesting poem which tells about a little girl's experience, her sexual intercourse in her young age. She used to be curious about men who go back forth her. She watched them almost every day. She knew that men noticed her. Then one day the men raped her . Then ironically the men left her offhand .

What is the poem in of mice and men?

In a way though, he realizes that watching after the other man is more work that will make his dreams come true. Steinbeck picked the name "Of Mice and Men" based on a poem by Robert Burns. Titled "To a Mouse," the poem has a line stating, “The best laid place of mice and men often go awry”.

What is a man poem?

The Man (Человек, Tchelovek) is a poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky written in late-1916 - early-1917 and published in February 1918 by the ASIS Publishers, subtitled The Thing (Вещь). Plot. The story is built along the lines of the Gospel (The Advent of Mayakovsky, the Life of Mayakovsky, the Rise of Mayakovsky, et cetera).

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