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Frequently Asked Questions

What is poetry fashion?

“ Beautiful, elegant clothing in natural fabrics and a neutral colour pallette. Timeless, feminine pieces that last. Most of my Poetryfashion pieces are made of linen and/or cotton/ silk and some of the garments have been in my wardrobe for years and are treasured pieces that get better with age.

Where are poetry collections made?

At the heart of Poetry a desire to produce beautiful clothes that can be enjoyed for years to come. We design and develop the collections at our studio near Putney Bridge, London, taking inspiration from trends in fashion but also from the wider world of art and culture. Poetry 1 888 369 9216 Logo Search Account Bag (0) Track my orders

What has happened to poetry trousers?

They have become a very expensive unwearable pair of trousers. They have stretched to at least a size 22 (from an 18) hugely baggy on bum - keep dunking them in water to shrink back - but half an hours wear and they are back to being huge. So in future will give Poetry a miss ”

Is ATTN overseas poetry Worth the trouble?

“ ATTN overseas Poetry customers: Stay away. Poetry will not make good on its own mistakes with sizing. It will not pay your return shipping. Dealing with them will cost you money.

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