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Frequently Asked Questions

Is poetry fashion a good company?

Poetry do lovely clothes and the service is very good. I would recommend Poetry fashion on line. I've used them quite often and their clothes are nice modern designs and the natural fabrics are particularly nice especially the linen. Good efficient service. Is Poetryfashion your company?

What is poetry fashion made of?

Most of my Poetryfashion pieces are made of linen and/or cotton/ silk and some of the garments have been in my wardrobe for years and are treasured pieces that get better with age. ” “ First of all warning - order at least one size smaller - clothes come up very big.

Is it right to buy from poetry as a present?

So a note to customers - if you are thinking of buying something from Poetry as a present, think again as if it is not right you will be stuck in their rigid systems, despite what they say in their own catalogues. The company doesn’t keep the promise of delivering ordered items within the timeframe given on their website.

What has happened to poetry trousers?

They have become a very expensive unwearable pair of trousers. They have stretched to at least a size 22 (from an 18) hugely baggy on bum - keep dunking them in water to shrink back - but half an hours wear and they are back to being huge. So in future will give Poetry a miss ”

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