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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Poetry Foundation legit?

Poetry Foundation is indeed the same as Poetry Magazine. They are as legit as legit gets in the poetry world, and it's a dream of most poets to get published there. I don't know about, but it sounds like a scam. Most legitimate literary magazines pay for work they accept, but not much,...

What are examples of poems?

An example of a poem. The definition of a poem is a collection of words that express an emotion or idea, sometimes with a specific rhythm. An example of a poem is the children’s rhyme, Mary Had a Little Lamb.

What is a poem structure?

Poetry structure is the form in which a poem is written. Examples include blank verse, end rhyme, and named structures, such as sonnets, sestinas, haikus, balads, villanelles, and many others. The structure of a poem influences the way it is read by giving the words a certain rhythm and flow,...

What is a poem text?

A poem is a self-contained text, which makes sense as it stands. It differs from prose most obviously because it is written in lines whose length is decided by the author, not the printer. How the poem looks on the page, its visual lay-out, is as important as its sound quality.

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