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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Charmander evolve in Pokemon?

It evolves into Charmeleon starting at level 16, which evolves into Charizard starting at level 36. Along with Bulbasaur and Squirtle, Charmander is one of three starter Pokémon of Kanto available at the beginning of Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, FireRed, and LeafGreen.

What level does Charmander evolve in Pokemon?

Charmander (ヒトカゲ Hitokage) is a Fire-type Pokémon. It evolves into a Charmeleon starting at level 16. It is one of the three Starter Pokémon that can be chosen in the Kanto region.

When does Charmander learn moves?

When Pokemon don’t evolve, they learn moves quicker than the next evolution. If you choose to evolve your Charmander into a Charmeleon, it will learn flamethrower at level 34. However, if you keep your Charmander from evolving, it will learn the move Flamethrower at level 31! Why does Ash’s Charizard turn into a Charmander?

What moves does Charmander have?

Charmander's special movepool consists of various Fire-type moves, Dragon Pulse, Ancient Power, and Hidden Power, which is far inferior to its physical movepool. Dragon Pulse and Ancient Power would be the only reasons to use it over Houndour, which isn't nearly enough to be worth it.

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