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Frequently Asked Questions

What Pokemon can learn Flash in Pokemon Black?

Here is a list of every Pokemon* that can Learn flash as TM move: Bulbasaur. Ivysaur. Venusaur. Butterfree. Beedrill. Pikachu. Raichu.

How do you Hack Pokemon ROM?

Open up the extracted file and select "Pokemon Amplifier" to load the program. Select "File" and "Load ROM.". Select the Pokemon ROM on your computer that you would like to hack. Press the "Open" button to load the ROM information. Click on the "Choose a Pokemon" drop-down menu and select a Pokemon that you would like to hack.

Is there a Pokemon HeartGold ROM?

The Pokemon HeartGold ROM is available in the US English language. Just download the ROM from the above direct download link and play the game offline or online. If you want to play multiplayer then the internet connection is required.

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