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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Pokemon are in the Oreo cookies?

There are 16 Pokémon themed OREO cookies to discover. But be aware, some Pokémon are harder to find than others. With a random assortment of Pokémon designs in every package, each package is a chance to find all 16, including one super rare Mythical Pokémon.

When do the new Pokemon Oreos come out?

For example, Mew is only on a very limited amount of the total cookies produced, so that’s exciting if you happen to get one. The new Pokémon x OREO cookie pack will be available beginning September 8, where they will become available for preorder on but can be found at retailers nationwide starting September 13, while supplies last.

Who are the characters in the Pokemon Oreos?

The most recognizable Pokemon, even among people who never played the game, is probably the adorable Pikachu. My box had a whopping four Pikachu cookies. The only other character that showed up four times was another fan favorite, Charmander. Pokemon Oreos feature different characters on the cookies, including the popular Pikachu.

What do you do with a Pokemon Oreo?

They're regular Oreos, with different Pokemon characters embossed onto them. And just like opening a pack of Pokemon cards, you don't know which characters you'll end up with, or whether you'll score a rare offering, until you crack open the bag.

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