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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polaris used for?

The Polaris missile was a submarine-launched, nuclear-tipped ballistic missile. It was designed to be used as part of the US Navy's contribution to the United States' tripartite nuclear deterrent; air, land and sea based systems.

How many dealers does Polaris have?

Our Dealer Family Polaris is committed to our dealer network. We design the best products and right programs that will help to grow your business. Made up of nearly 3 , 000 dealers worldwide, our strong dealer network is one of Polaris' strategic advantages.

Does Polaris own 4WD parts?

Polaris announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Transamerican Auto Parts Company (“TAP”), the parent company of 4 Wheel Parts and

Is Polaris the Big Dipper?

Polaris, the North Star, lies at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper (lower left), whose stars are faint compared to those of the Big Dipper (upper right). The Little Dipper is an asterism in the larger constellation of Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. Asterisms are patterns of stars of similar brightness.

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