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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different types of Polaris block connectors?

For sizes 3/0 AWG and smaller, IT Series connectors are available in two styles - with wires being connected from the same side or from opposite sides of the connector (ITO Series). For sizes 250MCM and larger, removable access plugs allow for entry from either side of the connector, for maximum flexibility in the field.

Where are the wire entry ports on a Polaris block?

Wire entry ports on both sides of the connector allow for access from either side. Similar to IPL Series connectors except equipped with mounting holes at each end of the connector for isolated mounting direct to trough, panel or wireway.

What makes Polaris electrical connectors ISO 9001 certified?

Polaris Electrical Connectors has demonstrated effective implementation of a management system that provides evidence to customers, suppliers, and employees their commitment to producing a quality product and providing customer satisfaction. ISO 9001:2015 certification recognizes organizations that can link business objectives...

How did Polaris come up with the name Polaris?

Setting the benchmark for insulated multi-tap connectors, the Polaris™ name has signified innovation, quality and reliability since the introduction of our first connector over 30 years ago. Ever since, Polaris has helped contractors and electricians get on and off the job quickly and safely while also saving them time and money.

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