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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can a Polaris general 4 1000 tow?

When you’re out on an epic ride day, be ready for anything with a machine that can do everything. GENERAL 4 1000 is equipped with a 600 lb dumping cargo box, 1,280 lb payload capacity, an upgraded Polaris 4,500 lb HD winch with synthetic rope and the ability to effortlessly tow 1,500 lb.

Why choose only Polaris general?

Only Polaris GENERAL gives you the confidence to explore backcountry trails and handle back-forty tasks without compromise. No matter which GENERAL you choose, you begin every adventure with the best performance, the greatest utility, and the most comfortable ride you can get in a side-by-side.

What is gengengeneral 4?

GENERAL 4 elevates the class-leading performance, comfort and utility of the off-road’s premier crossover side by side and extends it with a second row. Riders in back are treated to bolstered bucket seats, plenty of room to stretch their legs, and the ultra-smooth ride.

What are the features of a Polaris HD Plus winch?

Added features include adjustable FOX ® shocks, 27" Maxxis Coronado tires with 14" rally wheel, high-intensity LED headlights, low-profile sport bumper, and recovery-ready pulling power of the 4,500 lb Polaris HD Plus winch. Plus destination charge and set-up. Logistics surcharge of $400 will apply.

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