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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of heater does a Polaris Ranger have?

With Polaris Ranger Mid-Size heating units, thermostat bypass valves, and other heater components by firms like Firestorm, Motoalliance, Ice Crusher, and Inferno, we’ve got it all when it comes to Polaris Ranger Mid-Size heaters! Ride comfortably in sub-zero temperatures by installing a heater unit on your Mid-size Polaris Ranger!

Can you put side by side heating in a Polaris?

With options for vents both above and below the dash, you can blast heat at your face while simultaneously thawing out your frozen toes. Polaris’ side by side heating system is relatively simple to install, but it does take a bit of time and technical know-how.

What is a firefirestorm cab heater?

Firestorm Cab Heaters are designed heaters to keep you toasty warm in any frigid environment. Machine model specific kits are complete with every hose, louver/vent, clamp and fitting that you will need for a professional installation.

Why does my Polaris Ranger feel cold when I drive?

Feeling cold as you take your trip can hamper your experience, reduce your performance and speed and make you feel altogether unaccomplished on your General 1000 or even General 4 1000 Polaris Ranger models. Having a low-quality heater or a poorly fitted heater with reduced airflow can have the same outcome.

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