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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Polaris Ranger evolution UTV electric wiper kit?

The Polaris Ranger Evolution UTV Electric Wiper Kit by MotoAlliance can wipe away your weather worries. This electric wiper system keeps your HC poly windshield clear of rain, snow and light debris so you ride with better visibility.

How much does it cost to replace windshield wiper on Polaris?

The $600 Polaris wiper parks on the driver’s side and only wipes part of the passenger side for some reason! This setup clears the windshield for both parties! I completed this project under $35 and had a fun day in the shop. Besides, it rained outside most of the day anyway!

Can you replace a Polaris general windshield with a poly windshield?

Plus, you can get a cheap poly Polaris General half windshield for summer if you want and a solid glass Polaris General windshield for winter for less than the price of a Polaris General tip-out glass windshield. They take literally seconds to swap out, so that’s definitely an option.

What kind of windshield does a Polaris Ranger have?

Everything Polaris Ranger offers numerous windshield options for your Polaris General - Front Windshields, Rear Windshields, DOT rated Glass Windshields, Polycarbonate Windshields, and more! Dial up a little-added comfort to your trail riding experience with a rugged and durable UTV windshield from us.

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