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Frequently Asked Questions

Did dog the bounty hunter find Brian laundrie?

WHEN Dog the Bounty Hunter joined the Brian Laundrie hunt, he had received thousands of tips on finding the fugitive's secret hideout. He called off his investigation after the FBI found Brian's ...

Is Brian Landry found dead?

Brian Landry was later found guilty and sentenced to 25 years to life in a California correctional facility. To find out what happened to his girlfriend, the-then 16-year-old girl who allegedly expressed interest in having her mother killed, you'll have to tune in to Unusual Suspects ' dramatic recreation of the events, this Sunday, March 6, at 9/8 p.m. central.

Was laundries body found?

The skeletal remains, which the FBI identified to belong to Laundrie on Thursday, was discovered in an area previously submerged in water. However, Kyle Heyen, a K-9 handler and former police officer, said it was suspicious that cadaver dogs missed the remains during a search conducted weeks ago.

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