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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of policeman?

Police officers have four key roles as part of law enforcement: enforcing laws, preventing crimes, reacting to emergencies, and providing support services.All police officers work under some form of authority. They may have the legal right to arrest someone, but they also may need to ask for help from more experienced officers or detectives to make an arrest.

Can a policeman arrest an uniformed soldier?

The police cannot even arrest military men even though they have completely different jurisdictions! A police officer can arrest anybody that he thinks has committed a crime provided he can disarm the suspect. A senior officer may not even be able to arrest an armed junior officer if does not lay down his arms.

Are military policeman real cops?

“As I was writing my memoir, I tried to give my readers a real sense of what it was like for me ... In his memoir, Autry also writes about his time serving in the military and as a Newport Police Officer. Autry enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1966 and ...

Is policeman a noun?

What does policeman mean? A man who is a member of a police force. (noun)

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