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Frequently Asked Questions

What words start with poly?

20-letter words that start with poly. polyvinylpyrrolidone. polyradiculomyopathy. polyradiculoneuritis. polysymbrachydactyly. polymicrolipomatosis. polyneuroradiculitis.

How is Poly made?

Poly Cotton. Poly Cotton fabric is made of a combination of cotton and polyester. It combines the benefits of cotton, such as its absorbency and breathing qualities, with the toughness and lack of wrinkling that polyester possesses. In order to weave a poly cotton blend, yarn of both cotton and polyester are put on a loom.

What is the definition of Poly in math?

The word polygon derived from the Greek word “poly” means “many” and “gon” means “angle”. In math polygon is a two dimensional shapes. Polygons can be made by using straight lines segment and the polygon objects are closed by lines.

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