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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pooled testing and how does it work?

Pooled testing allows for several samples—swabs from a whole classroom, for example—to be tested at once, Aspinall explains. If the batch produces a negative result, then everyone in that testing pool is considered negative for SARS-CoV-2 at the time.

How much does pooled PCR testing cost?

Pooled testing is offered free by the state through the vendor Concentric by Gingko. For public schools, it is offered with operational support. strategies can be found here. The Playbook for Pooled PCR Testing can be found here.

Where can I find the playbook for pooled PCR testing?

The Playbook for Pooled PCR Testing can be found here. The Valencia Branch Laboratory (VBL) is a public health laboratory managed and operated by PerkinElmer with the help of various partners. It provides affordable COVID-19 testing support with result turn around time within 24-48 hours of the specimen being received by the laboratory.

What is lab-based pooling?

When a positive test occurs with pod testing, everyone in that pod will have to be retested. With lab-based pooling, the pooling happens at the lab rather than in the classroom, Aspinall says. For example, kids will spit into individual test tubes.

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