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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Goldfish keep pooing?

One of the most common causes of long thick poop in goldfish is constipation. If you think that your goldfish is constipated you may notice other symptoms as well such as bloating, no appetite, and lethargy. When your goldfish is constipated fortunately there are a couple of things you can do.

Why does your goldfish poop so much?

This is because of the digestive system of the goldfish. Goldfish tend to defecate a lot as they have no stomachs. No stomach means no muscular movement to breakdown complex food substances into the absorbable matter. Thus, no process of assimilation is seen. This results in their habit of producing waste more frequently than any other fish.

Do goldfish eat their own poop?

Fish usually do not eat their own poop but they put it in their mouths and then spit it out. They do this a few times but do not eat it. Seeing as your fish do eat their poop, it means they are lacking in some sort of nutrient and are getting fed an improper diet.🤔.

What does normal goldfish poop look like?

Goldfish poop usually looks like a string hanging from the fish's anus, which will fall off. It should be roughly the same color as the food you are feeding the fish. The color and consistency of fish poop may indicate sickness.

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