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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Gregg Popovich say about his legacy?

IN SUMMER 2013, before an NBA Finals loss to LeBron James and the Miami Heat, Gregg Popovich is asked about his coaching legacy. "What's my legacy?" he quips. "Food and wine. This is just a job." He's kidding -- but he's not. As much as Popovich knows about hoops, he really knows food and wine.

Why does Gregg Popovich eat at Michelin restaurants?

As one source close to Popovich says, "It's a passion for him, but it's also a tool." In the NBA, the Gregg Popovich meal is the dining room where it happens -- a roving retreat through which the Spurs have forged a team culture that's the envy of the league.

How old is Gregg Popovich the Spurs coach?

Some 40 pairs of eyes are trained on Threat, the venue's 29-year-old general manager and wine director. Seated at the head of one of those tables, beside a window that offers a sweeping view of the California state capitol across the street, is Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

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