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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Pavel Popovich become a cosmonaut?

In January 1964, he became a cosmonaut instructor, becoming deputy commander to the 2nd group of cosmonauts. Popovich was selected to command one of the Soviet Union's planned moon landings, and trained for this between 1966 and 1968, when the Soviet moon landing plans were scrapped.

Where was Pavel Popovich born and raised?

Many cosmonauts, however, were born in Soviet territories outside the boundaries of Russia, and may be claimed by various Soviet successor states as nationals of those states. All claimed Soviet or Russian citizenship at the time of their space flights. Pavel Popovich, born in Uzyn, Ukraine.

Who was the first Soviet cosmonaut to go to space?

Pavel Popovich, in full Pavel Romanovich Popovich, (born October 5, 1930, Uzin, Ukraine, U.S.S.R.—died September 30, 2009, Gurzuf, Ukraine), Soviet cosmonaut who piloted the Vostok 4 spacecraft, launched August 12, 1962. He and Andriyan G. Nikolayev, who was launched a day earlier in Vostok 3, became the first two men to be in space simultaneously.

What kind of Sports did Pavel Popovich like?

Gherman Titov was a gymnastics enthusiast, Andriyan Nikolayev liked skiing, Pavel Popovich went in for weight lifting. I don't think I am wrong when I say that sports became a fixture in the life of the cosmonauts."

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