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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pets are in Popovich comedy pet theater?

The World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is a family-oriented blend of the unique comedy and juggling skills of Gregory Popovich, and the talents of his furry costars. There are more than 30 pets in the show, each one has been rescued from animal shelters and given a new leash on life! They love to perform their skills and stunts on stage.

How many animals are in Gregory Popovich's show?

You'll see dogs, cats, doves and other animals act out scenarios like passengers waiting to board a train, students in a classroom and patients waiting to be seen by a doctor. Of course the passengers, students and patients are played by Popovich's more than 30 pets. As the creator, he's the main star of the show.

Who is Gregory Popovich and what does he do?

Gregory Popovich has shared his expertise for raising, training and living harmoniously with pets in two book – “You CAN Train Your Cat” and “Doggy Gone Good”. Gregory has also produced and starred in a feature film now available for purchase.

When is Gregory Popovich's comedy show in Las Vegas?

Select a date and time Date Day June 29 Tuesday June 30 Wednesday July 1 Thursday July 2 Friday 27 more rows ...

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